Address:  The Athenaeum, 154 Campground Road, Newlands​​



Founded as the Cape Town Philatelic and Exchange Club on 3rd May, 1911; we became the Royal in August, 1953.

General rules

  1. All awards are open for competition annually.
  2. Awards are made for the calendar year, and are to be presented at the AGM following the calendar year for which they are made.
  3. Awards are made by the Committee on the recommendation of the Judging Sub-Committee (except in the case of the Jacob Cup – see below)
  4. An award will only be made where the Committee considers that the exhibit is of sufficient standard
  5. An exhibit may not win the same award twice.
  6. An exhibit must be the bona fide personal property of the exhibitor(s).
  7. Trophies will be presented at the AGM, are not retained by the winners, and are held in safekeeping by the Society. 
  8. The Committee is responsible the safekeeping of the trophies and for having these engraved with the names of winners.
  9. Certificates and/or plaquettes will be presented to the winners of awards at the discretion of the Committee.
  10. Only members of the Society are eligible for Society Awards.
  11. The Royal Cup and the Arthur V Jacob Cup may not be awarded to the same exhibit in any one year, but exhibits that win one of these awards may also win other awards in the same year.
  12. The Committee may at its discretion set aside a meeting for competitions for one or more of the awards other than those for the best exhibits in a given category in the calendar year.