Address:  The Athenaeum, 154 Campground Road, Newlands​​


​​Newsletter 6: July-August
All Members showed a wonderful variety of interesting and rare items; Hugh Amoore's  SA and RSA postal rates. Also: an extremely useful appendix on stamp collections and estate planning.
​​Newsletter 7: Septemebr-December
Read all about JUNASS 2018 and the Stamp Show 2018 (at which our member, Hugh Amoore won the Grand Prix). Read about our annual auction; and, of course, our meetings in the last months of 2018.
​​Newsletter 3: March
Summarises the AGM, society awards, committee, and so on. Also, Victor Millard's exhibit (Royal Visit). Hugh Amoore (our editor) invites a debate on the VOC postal markings.

Newsletters: 2018

​​Newsletter 4: March-April
Brian Fennemore'sBritish Army in South Africa 1899-1902; and British Post Offices in Morocco; and G.B. Postal Stationary OverprintsWerner Barnard's fascinating presentation on what's in the SAPO archives; Volker Janssen'sDenmark and Iceland; and Malcolm Murphy's the 'MK' postcard mystery. 
​​Newsletter 1: January
On the 8th of January Hugh Amoore showed us his incredibly comprehensive collection of Universities of the World. On the 22 of January, David Sinclair showed us his detailed study collection of the Australian King's Head.


Founded as the Cape Town Philatelic and Exchange Club on 3rd May, 1911; we became the Royal in August, 1953.

​​Newsletter 2: February
Read 'Accountancy on Mail from the G of GH'. Hugh Amoore (our editor) invites a debate on these fascinating markings. The newsletter includes summaries of recent exhibits with many pictures of many wonderful items.
​​Newsletter 5: May-June
Volker Janssen's Cape of Good Hope; Malcolm Suttell's  British Postal History from the time of Charles II and GB low values and the Penny Lilac;  Victor Millard'sImperial Airways; and Brian Franklin'sMalta.