Address:  The Athenaeum, 154 Campground Road, Newlands​​



Founded as the Cape Town Philatelic and Exchange Club on 3rd May, 1911; we became the Royal in August, 1953.

​​​​​Newsletter 10: 27 November to 11 December
The society held its annual auction on 27 November. On 11 December we were treated to the President's Evening. Mary Rogers showed British Postal Stationary.
​​Newsletter 1: January
Previews the January/February meetings for 2017 with beautiful examples of what you can expect to see. Summarizes the November/December meetings including competitions winners and selected illustrations of rare exhibited items.
​​​​Newsletter 2: February
Previews forthcoming meetings through March. Summarises the January exhibits: Brian Franklin's'Malta', Volker Jansen's'King Edward XIII', and Hugh Amoore's study of the '2nd Definitives of RSA (the De Jong series)'
​​​​​Newsletter 7: 11 September to 9 October
​Details of three meetings and lots of society news in this letter.
The first was the 'all members military mail' on 11 September.  See the newsletter for highlights.

The second was on September 25, a public holiday. We held our first stamp 'albums in the attic' day; and followed it with an incredibly successful youth evening.

Fianlly, on October 9 we had our inter-society quiz combined with a wonderful exhibit by Alan Shapiro on the 19th Century Abyssinian Campaign.
​​​​Newsletter 4: 10 April to 8 May
The newsletter describes three exhibits: Barry Fletcher's'The rare and mysterious Columbian Airmails', Danie Scheepers's'Madagascar and Dependencies', and David Sinclair's'Australian Rates'.

Barry's wonderful collection is being sold at auction by the prestigious USA auction firm: Robert A Siegel in New York on November 14. Siegel have devoted their entire auction to this one collection - a measure of its stature and importance.
​​​​Newsletter 6: August and September
The newsletter reminds members of forthcoming evenings: all-members military mail; the youth evening; inter-society quiz; and much more.

It also summarises past evenings: Roddy Sparks's'Natal Postal History'; and Jan Hofmeyr's'The Future of Philately'. Finally, for those who need it, there's a reminder of the requirements for auction lot submissions.


Newsletters: 2017

​​​​​Newsletter 8: 23 October
​This important newsletter contains details of our forthcoming meetings (including the auction); and a summary of our Machins Jubilee evening. We are looking for exhibits next year. Download the newsletter for an application form.
​​​​​Newsletter 9: 13 November
The evening featured a discussion about the nature of philatelic research; and the Crocker Shield single frame competition. Jan Hofmeyr won the shield with his exhibit of the USA essays based on Loewenberg patents.
​​​​Newsletter 5: 22 May to 10 July
In this email, the world class exhibits by Emil Buhrmann:'CGH: The rectangular period'; and Gerhard Kamfer: 'The Road to Democracy'. This brief note can't do justice to these exhibits. Read the newsletter.
​​​​Newsletter 3: March
This is a long newsletter with four parts. Part 1 (3a) contains the syllabus for the year, committee members, rules for competitions, awards for 2016, and so on.

Part 2-4 (3b-d) consist of a summary of four wonderful evenings of exhibiting: Brian Fennemore's'British Occupation of Italian Colonies'  (13 Feb.); the Arthur V Jacob Cup competition (27 Feb.); all-members favourite pages (13 March); Rob Allen's'British West Indies' and Betty Swart's spectacular 'Pages from the Anna Smith collection' (27 March).