Address:  The Athenaeum, 154 Campground Road, Newlands​​


Newsletter 3: May/June
Previews the World Stamp Show (New York) and the exhibits for May and June. Notes about the April exhibits: Victor Millard's 'Railways' and Brian Fenemore's 'The 1/2d Vermillion issue of 1887' 

Newsletters: 2016

Newsletter 6: September
Previews upcoming events and presentations. Includes a summary of David Watt's fascinating exhibit relating to South Africa's unofficial war in Angola. 
Newsletter 5: August
This newsletter reports on three great evenings: Jan Hofmeyr's 'Washington 1861 3c'; Roddy Sparks's 'Canadian Contingent in the Boer War; and the all-members postal stationary evening. 
Newsletter 4: July
In four parts. Previews the July exhibits. Reports on the World Stamp Show. Notes on John Kilroe's 'Development of the African Airways', Volker Janssens' '100 years of Swedish Stamps', and David Watts's 'Estonia'


Founded as the Cape Town Philatelic and Exchange Club on 3rd May, 1911; we became the Royal in August, 1953.

Newsletter 7: October
In this newsletter we a). preview upcoming events, b) report on the Society's September and October meetings, c). give feedback about SAPDAPEX 2016, d). and preview national events for 2017.  
Newsletter 1: March
Information about the new committee, society awards for the year, and meetings for the new year. Also: notes about member displays for January, February, and March.
Newsletter 2: April
Previews the exhibits for April; and summarises the March exhibits: John Kilroe's and Hugh Amoore's 'Union of South Africa and South West Africa - 1910-1961'